Go-Kart Rentals

The Aspen Motorsports Park has go kart rentals available at the pits of the go kart track.  Currently we offer 3 different types of karts for rental.  The charge is $150 per kart, per hour. 

We have one "kids kart" for ages 5-7, this kart features a 50cc engine, slick tires, brakes and all the features of a larger kart.  Here is a similar one pictured below.

We have 2 "concession karts" for ages 7-10 (depending on ability).  These karts feature a Honda engine, roll bar, seatbelt and sturdy bumpers.

We also have 4 "adult karts" for ages 10 and up (depending on ability).  These karts feature a 7 Horsepower engine, disc brake, and a lightweight racing frame.
We also have 1 Birel 125cc 2 speed kart for rent the rates are $150 for the first 20 min. and $75 each additional 20 min. segments.