Rental Rates

Go - Kart Rental Rates

Aspen Motorsports Park has two types of Go-Kart tracks and three types of Go-Karts.


The first track we have to offer is an oval track.  This is our most gentle track and might be suited for the novice go-kart driver as there are only two turns.

Our most challenging track is a 1/5 mile track with several right and left turns. 


Amp has go-karts for all ages and sizes.  We have four full-size adult Avanti Frame go-karts that offer 7 horse power and can reach speeds up to 30 mph. 

We also offer two full-size concession go-karts with full bumpers.  These carts are best suited for the less aggressive, younger or beginner driver.  Maximum speed for this cart is approximately 25 mph.

For the younger (ages 5 years old and up) we have a 50 cc 2 stroke child's go-kart.  We can throttle up or down the cart depending upon one's abilities.  With the throttle open, this cart can reach speeds up to 30 mph but we can slow it down to 10 mph by adjusting the throttle.


Go-karts are available for rent at $150 per hour.