Weekly Races

Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, The Aspen Motorsports Park is the place to be! The members of the club gather for some wheel to wheel racing against each other. They start off with 15 minutes of qualifying to set the grid and then it is a 15 lap sprint race. After the first race the members receive timing and scoring sheet and tell stories about how they should have been the one to win the race! After the short brake it is back into the cars with the grid reversed from race #1 finishing order. The second race is exciting with the faster cars starting in back and moving their way forward. Following the Saturday races lunch is provided for the members and their families or guests. Points are tallied based on finishing position and at the end of the summer season a champion emerges!

The Aspen Motorsports Park 2007 Champion, Jeff McKee

The Members "going at it" during the weekly races